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Friday 7th May, 2021

Archives for 2008
5th May 2008
The final straws that shouldn't have really mattered, but did.
28th April 2008
The problem with being shy.
21st April 2008
Rather pointless criticism of three children's television programmes.
14th April 2008
Having the battery in one watch die is unfortunate. For it to happen in two watches at once is just careless.
7th April 2008
When you become a parent you gain parenting skills but seemingly lose all your video gaming abilities.
31st March 2008
The return of The Apprentice.
24th March 2008
Winning the lottery would be great, or so you'd think.
17th March 2008
The worst drivers you'd ever want to get in a car with.
21st January 2008
We don't want to talk about TV shows every week, but sometimes you just have to.
14th January 2008
The guilt of being genuinely ill.

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