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Thursday 18th October, 2018

Bizarre Thought for the Week, w/c 24th January 2000
Tony Dobson

Hi all,
This week I am pleased to bring you an interesting conversation which took place on January the 1st.

The contributor in question did ask me to change the names, so I have changed the names of the two characters to "Y2K Paranoid Pauline" and "Y2K Expert Eric". The conversation went thus:

Pauline: My fridge has defrosted!
Eric: Oh!
Pauline: Do you think that this could have been caused by the MILLENNIUM BUG?
Eric: No!
Pauline: But don't you think that it is strange that it was working yesterday and not today?
Eric: No! Things breakdown on other days so why not today?
Pauline: Are you sure that it is not due to the Millennium Bug?
Eric: No! How old is the fridge?
Pauline: About 16 years old.
Eric: Does it have a computer built in? A screen that shows the date? Does a date require to be entered when you switch it on?
Pauline: No, No, No...
Eric: Then I can confidently say that it is not due to the Year 2000.
Pauline: What should I do?
Eric: Buy a new fridge!

Later it was discovered that the "Defrost button" had been accidentally pressed!!!

CONGRATULATIONS TO Ashrita Furman, who jumped his way into the record books by pogo-sticking his way over a mile over frozen Antartica. Apparently this is his 62nd world record, the rest of which seem to be made up of equally useful exercises such as yodelling for 27 hours and balancing 57 pint glasses on his chin. It is thought after this that he will just put the rubbish out for his wife and not say "I'd rather pogo-stick for a mile over Antartica!!!"

NO CONGRATULATIONS TO the German driver who had an accident in his car and then tried find a get-out clause in his insurance policy so that he wouldn't have to pay for the damage. Finding a paragraph on accidents with wild animals he tried to make it look as if he had hit a deer... by placing a rat's skin over his car. Needless to say the plan never came near to succeeding.

Have a good week!

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